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In a world where asset flips become increasingly common, something strange happened. Somebody took an asset pack and used it as it was supposed to be used! They used it as a base and built off it to make a full game.
Acid Flip takes the term literally to poke fun, using gravity to 'flip' these so called 'assets'. It's a physics action game where you throw zombies into the air and then smash them into the dirt!

Features include:

  • Gain the high score by boosting your multiplier. The more you kill at once, the higher your multiplier!
  • Solve puzzles by luring the zombies and using gravity.
  • Traverse areas by using gravity to jump.
  • Locate secret areas.
  • Help NPCs with tasks to progress through the story.
  • Collect the shiny balls of acid to use for a secret objective.


This is a demo, while any donations are totally appreciated, the game will be sold separately. The demo is a sandbox and is not intended to represent the games story and/or art direction. It is made to give an idea of game mechanics.


WASD for movement. SHIFT for running. F for interacting. LEFTCLICK for grav gun, MIDDLECLICK for sonar (collectible shiny things)

LB run, RB grav gun, X sonar, A interact

oh, there is also a suicide button in case you get stuck somewhere. it is K.


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